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mental health matters, you matter



Hello, welcome to Weller Wellbeing. My name is Kelley and I am passionate about helping my clients become the best version of themselves.  I whole heartedly believe in the power of counselling and the transformation that clients can go through when they engage in the process.  I offer a warm, non judgemental and safe space, here in my home office where my client is always at the centre of everything I do. 

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What I Provide

Therapy session


I believe that you are the expert of your own life and that I will never know you or your life better than you do.   However, we often find it hard to have clarity when we are in the midst of overwhelm, life events or just  big feelings. Not knowing how to cope or process these things can have a detrimental impact on our wellbeing. My aim is to help you to make sense of your thoughts and feelings, by untangling everything in an emotionally safe environment, looking at all the external expectations, demands and rules that govern your life. You can then gain a clearer understanding of yourself and your needs which can give you the power to make changes that can lead to a more balanced and fulfilled life. 

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Psychotherapy tends to be on a longer basis as it  involves looking back in depth at your own past experiences, to process, understand and reflect on how these experiences are showing up and impacting you in the here and now. We can identify patterns in behaviour that are no longer helpful, or soothe historical wounds that are showing up in the present.   Often it may relate to trauma or unmet needs as a child or young person.  Every person is unique and what they each bring to therapy will be different but always valued and respected.

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CBT is the term that most people are familiar with and the type of therapy that most people have experienced via the NHS or as a short course therapy to look at a particular experience or issue.  It can involve homework and reflection outside of the session but put simply the main aim is to understand the impact our thoughts have on our feelings and behaviours.  Allowing us to then challenge and change the thought which in turn impacts the feelings and behaviours.

“Listening is often the only thing needed to help someone”


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